Why You'll LOVE Fancy Fortune Cookies!

Fancy Fortune Cookies® Secret Success Formula

Why You'll LOVE Fancy Fortune Cookies®

We bake the best tasting fortune cookies on earth. Period. No contest.

How do we know that? Because we spare no expense when it comes to our carefully developed recipes and ingredients. Only the best will do. We use the highest quality natural ingredients we can find, and we bake our cookies fresh, right here in Indiana. No outsourcing, no warehousing for months on end. If you order lemon fortune cookies, you’ll receive delicious cookies that actually taste like lemons—not like cardboard with a hint of artificial lemon flavoring. While other manufacturers do everything they can to keep their unit costs low, our approach is the opposite. We do everything we can to ensure our cookies contain the optimal ingredients for the very best taste experience, regardless of the cost to us. And we guarantee it.

fancy fortune cookies come in 25 flavors
Just a few of Fancy Fortune Cookies' 25 flavors

We offer a fantabulous array of choices: colors, flavors, chocolate dips and drizzles and candy sprinkles.

fortune cookies dipped in Belgian chocolateWith over 25 flavors that we formulated ourselves, a whole rainbow of color options, three different fine Belgian chocolates and countless colorful sprinkles to choose from, your cookies are sure to be unique. Newsworthy, even.
• How about pretty pink raspberry fortune cookies dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with pastel confetti?
• Or perhaps you’d prefer tart and tangy black raspberry fortune cookies drizzled with white chocolate for high drama?
• Can we interest you in our decadent cappuccino fortune cookies, dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with fall leaves?
We could go on and on with tasty gourmet cookie suggestions, but it’ll be more fun if you come up with your own combination. Our flavors page is a good place to start.

We help you make a huge impression on your guests, clients or gift recipients.

Because of the many options for match making—her favorite color, your company’s corporate color scheme, your school colors—they’ll know you gave these cookies some care and thought. Add to that the opportunity to write your own fortunes, and you’ll be serving party favors or trade show edibles they’ll never forget. You even get five different messages free with each order, and additional fortunes are also available. Our cheerful staff is available to help you customize your order in any way you like. We even do special orders for very custom flavors, like the peach vodka cookies we baked for DeKuyper. If you can dream it, we can probably bake it!

We also know you'll love Fancy Fortune Cookies® because they’re wildly fun to serve and eat.

Vivid colors, delicious and unique flavors—graham crackers, bubble gum, root beer—and the surprise factor of cracking open these gourmet dessert cookies to see what’s inside, all add up to an unforgettable treat.