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Sprinkles, sprinkles and MORE candy sprinkles

We offer dozens of delightful candy toppers for added color on your chocolate or caramel dipped fortune cookies. Some are simple geometric goodies, while others are sweet shapes such as hearts, shamrocks, pink ribbons or spooky bats. If you don’t see what you want in our new sprinkle video catalog of our standard choices (below), just ask—for special orders we can get virtually any design or color you can imagine. Plus any of the solid round colors can be mixed to match school colors, etc.

NOTE: Cookies can be dipped in your choice of white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate, and any sprinkle can be added to any flavor of chocolate or to caramel. Just mix and match—once you factor in the 12 different colored cookies we bake, we should be able to harmonize with any color scheme you can dream up. Need help? Just ask—we have the best Customer Service Magicians on earth.


We don’t stop at candy sprinkles. Our giant fortune cookies are able to hold even larger toppings.

    For an adult delight, try our crushed hazelnut topping—ideal on cappuccino or chocolate cookies.

    During the holiday season, our gingerbread fortune cookies are dipped in chocolate then garnished with real, crumbled gingerbread cookies.

    For another classic treat, we top our gourmet fortune cookies with crushed peppermint candy (right) for a trip down candy cane lane.