Special Guarantee
Fancy Fortune Cookies Unique Satisfaction Guarantee

My Guarantee and Promise To You

Our fortune cookies are outrageously, insanely delicious, fun, and flavorful—the best tasting fortune cookies you've ever had, period. How do we know that? Because since 1988 we've dedicated ourselves to perfecting the recipes for our unique, gourmet fortune cookies. And because of our high quality and stellar reputation, we've had a huge array of celebrities , movie stars and business moguls buy and use our fortune cookies for both their private and major events.
Our main focus is in creating memorable events for people just like you.
Trust Fancy Fortune Cookies® to send you fabulous cookies:
• Best tasting fortune cookies made from the highest quality ingredients
• Fresh baked and handmade with loving care
• American-made in our Indianapolis bakery
• Quick turnaround for your order because we do everything in-house, even printing your fortunes

While it’s a trade secret how we get such fantastic, vivid flavors into our gourmet fortune cookies, unlike all the other guys, we use only the very finest, freshest ingredients possible. That’s why our lemon cookies taste like real lemons —not like artificial lemon flavoring formulated in a lab (typically from chemicals, crude oil or coal tar).

Fancy Fortune Cookies® have been featured in dozens of TV shows, books, magazines and newspapers. Click here to see why famous internet pioneer Seth Godin chose Fancy Fortune Cookies® as one of America's unique concepts.

All our items are also backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Your satisfaction is not enough—we want you to be ecstatic with everything you order from Fancy Fortune Cookies®.

Our customer service magicians are here to help insure that you get the cookies you need, when you want them. If you should need to return something, please send an email to erin@fancyfortunecookies.com or call us at 1-888-776-6611 within 7 days of receiving your order for authorization on a return. We will accept authorized returns as long as the items are unused and in the original packaging.

P.S. One more thing: if you still have doubts, we’ve been a member in good standing with the Indianapolis chapter of the Better Business Bureau for over 15 years . You may call them at 317-488-2222 to inquire about us. The gold standard for good business practices is to make sure companies you shop with have been certified by the BBB for 5 years or more.

Wishing you the best of fortune,

~Erin Fry

Fancy Fortune Cookies® is not responsible for packages that are delayed due to extreme weather, natural disasters, acts of God, delays caused by events out of our control, or delays caused by incorrect or incomplete addresses.