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flavored fortune cookies baked fresh with your custom fortunes inside We use only the freshest ingredients in our flavored fortune cookies so our flavored cookies really do taste like oranges or raspberries or apples or...
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We bake dozens of flavors of fortune cookies...even custom ones

flavored fortune cookiesBecause we INVENTED flavored fortune cookies way back in the last century (1988 to be exact) we know what we're doing and are constantly testing new ideas for your enjoyment. In 2015 we partnered with our neighboring craft brewery to create Beer Batter Flavored fortune cookies. Now that's an innovation you can drink to (and eat)! We're often asked what out most popular flavor is. Well, after our classic vanilla, the blue ribbon goes to our luscious orange fortune cookies...so orangey they're like a trip to sunny Florida in your mouth. Nearly as popular are all our scrumptious berry flavored fortune cookies: blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry (left). Yum!