Promotional Fortune Cookies
Custom fortune cookies make a unique business promotion, guaranteed to break through the clutter.

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Fortune cookies are a powerhouse promotional product

Here’s a guaranteed way you can break through the clutter and get the undivided attention of any prospect or client. Use customized flavored and colored fortune cookies.

FACT: No one can resist cracking open a fortune cookie and reading the message inside...
absolutely no one!

Picture this: someone hands you a bright red fortune cookie, you open the wrapper and a blast of wild cherry fills your nose with intrigue. You can’t wait. You just have to bust open the cookie to see what’s inside.

You can’t help it... it’s a conditioned response! We ALL want to bust that cookie open and see what that message says!

Your message will be read!

Think about this... will a logo sell your product or service? Will a pen? How about a magnet? No. No. And... no.It takes words - written or spoken - to do the sales job, and unlike any other premium, Fancy Fortune Cookies allow you to put hard-hitting, powerful SALES copy into each and every cookie.

You'll have the most unique and most read giveaway in the entire exhibit hall if you're handing out fortune cookies. Plus, if you're used to spending a dollar or more on your giveaways - our fortune cookies come in at under 50 cents! Stop throwing away your money on promotional items that don’t work!

Fortune cookies are the most powerful product you can customize because they get guaranteed readership of your sales message.

With 12 different flavors, 25 colors and customizable fortunes, Fancy Fortune Cookies are the most effective, most affordable, most customizable giveaway ever.

• Your key message or offer will be remembered long after the event.

• You will be noticed and talked about for having the most unique promotional idea.

• There is enough space to create a compelling sales message or marketing offer. Try squeezing an effective offer onto a piece of candy, a pen or a key chain.

• Your message is guaranteed to get read. Remember: No one can resist opening a fortune cookie and reading the message.

• You can test different offers to see which ones generate the most buzz, activity and sales.

So how could you use Fancy Fortune Cookies in your business?

A disruptive idea that commands attention

How do you ensure more people spend more time with your brand? You present an idea that captivates the imagination and makes people want to spend more time with it. Don’t interrupt with an annoyance--disrupt with something people are interested in and that holds their attention. Great news. The perfect idea is right in front of you.

Use Custom Fortune Cookies to:

• Promote targeted messages

• Enhance brand awareness, retention, and experience

• Influence purchasing decisions

• Motivate target audiences to take action

We pride ourselves on being an invaluable marketing and creative partner with every individual and company we work with. No matter if you have 2 people, 200 or 2,000. Custom fortune cookies integrate easily into traditional marketing, adding a new, undiscovered and incredibly effective dimension.

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