Fancy Fortune Cookies in the Media
They love us, they really love us!

Since we've been in business for over 28 years, we've enjoyed lots of positive media attention. We've been featured on Oprah's original show and by the Queen of Style, Martha Stewart herself. Keeping our business in the same family all these years has made us newsworhty in and of itself--we invented flavored and colored fortune cookies, so it stands to reason that we sure know how to bake the best ones. (Since this is our media page, we see no reason to be modest here.)

On Novemeber 7, 2016 we were honored to be featured on ABC's The Chew. As longtime fans for the show, we were pleased to offer our pumpkin pie flavored fortune cookies for a pre-Thanksgiving segment. (Though we have to protest a tiny bit...the premise was a contest between a classic dish and a newer contender for your Thanksgiving table. As we were pitted against actual pumpkin pie, that didn't seem like a fair fight.) That said, our cookies were well liked. Her fortune made Carla laugh and Mario Batali pronounced, "They're actually GOOD!". Why are they so good? Because we make them with real pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and other ingredients from owner Erin Jump Fry's favorite pumpkin pie recipe. Mario's advice: have pie on Thanksgiving and our fortune cookies the day after. That sounds good to us. See our segment in the video below.

Later in November 2016 we were delighted to be showcased in InStyle Magazine, thanks to our newest celebrity client and all-around fab champion, Kate Bosworth. Earlier in the year Kate ordered custom fortune cookies as gifts for her cast and crew at her wrap party for The Art of More. They were a big hit and Kate posted about them on her Instagram account.
Here's the text of the InStyle article:

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means you've probably already had your fair share of meltdowns thinking about all the presents you'll need to buy. And while gifting is always a great pleasure, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas can be downright dreadful. Luckily, we can look to our favorite stars to help us come up with some fresh ideas for all the friends and family on our nice list—gift cards be damned!

This is where our favorite angel-faced blonde, Kate Bosworth, comes in. We caught up with the actress at a recent fashion launch in Los Angeles, and we landed on the topic of gift giving. And the holiday present idea she dropped on us was seriously so good, we can't believe we'd never thought of it before! Are you ready? It's fortune cookies!

"I get so personal with gifts", the actress told InStyle. "What I just gave as a wrap gift, which I thought was fun and you can really apply it to many different holidays, is from this fortune cookie company. My TV show is called The Art of More and it's all about art, so I made Chinese takeaway boxes that said The Art of More on the front, and inside was five fortune cookies that I had dipped in bright, pop-art colors, like bright pink and bright yellow, so it became like modern art." Seriously, how adorable is that?

Bosworth called it "...a surprising and playful gift," and we couldn't agree more. We'll be adding this groovy idea to our gift list!

Also in November 2106, CEO Erin Jump Fry was interviewed for Fast Company. Here's what she said about the challenges of running this business.

Knowing How The Work Really Gets Done

When Erin Jump Fry became CEO of Fancy Fortune Cookies in Indianapolis in 2005, she knew she’d have to be familiar with the business—but she didn’t know that would include details like how the baking machines worked.

"As the person who has to approve equipment purchases and repairs, I eventually realized I needed to have hands-on knowledge of how all our custom machinery works so I could source upgrades and additional machines, and know how to talk to engineers and machinery designers in their terms," she says.

Even though the day-to-day details are no longer in your job description as CEO, understanding your production processes has serious benefits. Knowing how the sausage gets made at your company can help you identify efficiencies and estimate your ability to scale. And if the need arises, you can step into different roles in an emergency.

"I didn’t expect to have to pitch in and work production for huge orders," Fry says, "but when someone calls in sick on a day when you need to ship 40,000 cookies, then it’s all hands into the bakery."

In October 2016 we were featured again in the Huffington Post in a story about unusual wedding favor ideas. You may be surprised at how many brides choose our fortune cookies to add a personal note to their wedding and pre-wedding events. We even go out of our way to help them by printing all our fortunes on durable, moisture-resistant paper so the messages can be preserved as delightful keepsakes.