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What do our customers and clients say about our gourmet fortune cookie gifts? Find out for yourself below!

Fancy Fortune Cookies Testimonials

Below, you'll find dozens and dozens of reviews on gigantic fortune cookies, traditional fortune cookies, personalized fortune cookies and chocolate covered fortune cookies. All baked fresh right here at Fancy Fortune Cookies, in Indianapolis, IN.

What do clients and customers say about Fancy Fortune Cookies®?

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Fancy Fortune Cookies worked great for our event! My clients loved them and it was a great way for us to deliver our messaging! My clients said the fortune cookies were a "real hit" around the office and wanted to know if we had any more fortune cookies or where they could order them for themselves. As a result, we've ordered additional custom fortune cookies to take on sales calls to our other clients.
~ Christine Leung

People Magazine, StyleWatch

Fabulous Product & Outstanding Customer Service - We are THRILLED with the fortune cookies!!! They are even better than we had hoped. We are going to be ordering lots more from you in the future!!! The fortune cookies were a SMASH HIT at our party/event!!! They were the highlight of the evening. We had given them as a gift to our son who was having a party. They served them with pink champagne and everyone just LOVED them!!! What a great way to end a festive evening. Your level of service was EXCELLENT!!! From start to finish...everything was done PERFECTLY!!! WE ARE IMPRESSED AND PLEASED! The guests just marveled at the Cherry Fortune Cookies....many of them did not want to eat them! They wanted to keep them to 'show' to people. We had to make copies of your email address to give to people so they can order too. Please don't change a thing! Just keep the same level of a fabulous product combined with outstanding customer service. Many times companies try to do 'new and improved' when what they were already doing was perfection. You have perfection....please don't change it. Good fortune to you and thank you for the fun you have made for us.

~ Antoinette Jucha

We received our fortune cookies yesterday and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance. This order was very special to my client, and I look forward to their rave reviews after their events - as I know they are coming.

Fancy Fortune Cookies has knocked this one out of the park. The cookies look great, taste fantastic, and were received with very minimal breakages! Even the paper each fortune was written on exceeded our expectations. We did a complex order in a very tight deadline; and your staff turned the order around quickly enough that we could take advantage of ground shipping to reduce delivery costs. We absolutely appreciate how this order was handled, and the end results are amazing!

I will definitely be recommending your company to all my colleagues. Thank you again and have a great weekend!
Mallory Harris │ Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Brand Alliance

Erin! Your Fancy Fortune cookies were a hit! - The custom fortune cookies worked very well for our promotion and I am sure we will use them again in the future. We were more interested in the fortune cookie color than the flavor but the taste was great! We were very pleased with the product, level of service and prompt shipment. Simply put, Keep up the good work! Thank you so much and have a great day!

~ Sharon,

The fortune cookies were great!!! Our guest of honor was beyond thrilled when she opened the custom fortune cookies. Fancy Fortune Cookies’ service is fantastic and could not be improved on. Our order arrived in plenty of time. Thanks for the great follow-up!
- Jenna Daunais


The fortune cookies were great and well received. Service was perfect! We delivered 
the cookies as part of an invitation so the recipients weren't trying them in front of us but staff is enjoying all the extra fortune cookies you included without charge!
Heather Allison Smith


Tore Into Them and Got a Big Laugh - The fortune cookies were a little gift for my husband who is on deployment. The level of service was fantastic and being in Hawaii and the time it took to make them, I was impressed with the speediness of service. It was pretty funny because my husband opened up the box and was really confused as to why I had sent him 100 fortune cookies. He did not realize that I had personalized them as I assumed he would. He started sharing them with his buddies. After they tore into them and started asking each other what they said, they realized they were meant specifically for my husband. It was a great laugh for all! And something they will tease him about for a while. ; )

~ Brittany Shultz

Your fortune cookies were a huge success at our event. The cookies are so tasty, our whole team sampled them before our event – you can tell you use the freshest and best ingredients for your unique flavors.
Overall, our clients and prospects were thrilled to find their gift packages waiting for them in the passenger seat of their valet parked cars. Having our custom-made fortunes added with our logos on the other side was terrific. I hope this becomes a tradition for our events. You made it so easy and there’s no end to the delightful combinations we can create.
I cannot thank you enough. You made my job easier and made me look like a star to deliver personal-touch goodies to our 300 guests.
~ Cynthia M. Holland, Morgan Stanley

All thanks should go to you, Fancy Fortune Cookies and my friend Karen Webb, who introduced you to me. We were really impressed when the fortune cookies arrived and couldn't wait to give them out at my friend's birthday party. Creating custom fortune cookies was such a fun and unique way to say "thank you" to guests. I also showed them to my boss and she's interested in making an order for a conference we are having in June. So I'm sure Fancy Fortune Cookies will be seeing my name again in the future. Thanks again for the thoughtful, fun and creative way to to express to everyone a unique message. We received lots of "Oohh's and Ahhh's over the cute little gourmet fortune cookie party favors. I think you can't improve on perfection."
~ Vanessa L. McKee
Party Planner

You Are Marvelous to Work With - The fortune cookies worked very well - - well prepared - - timely - -excellent quality and you are marvelous to deal with. Everyone wished that their local restaurants had such good cookies - - competitors wanted to know where we got them - - and our corporate offices - - who handle the 350 plus franchise stores are interested in our concept. We will be doing this again - -just be there for us as you were this time.
~ John T Spach
Advertising / Marketing Director
Furniture Homestores

People Were Taking Handfuls - The personalized fortune cookies were wonderful! I used the plain vanilla fortune cookies to promote the upcoming event - people were surprised by receiving invites inside a fortune cookie. The chocolate dipped fortune cookies w/ sprinkles were used at the event and were a BIG HIT with everyone. People were taking handfuls of fortune cookies saying how great they tasted! Service was Excellent! You all have communicated with me from start to finish and were very pleasant to work with! The ones we had were dipped in milk chocolate, and people said they had never seen fortune cookies like that before! Comments were "cool, fun, awesome, tastes like an ice cream cone!" Service was great, cookies shipped quickly and well packaged and I have already recommended Fancy Fortune Cookies to another campus to use for large events. Thanks so much for everything!

~ Angela Perkins

My Brother Got Choked Up - Your fortune cookies were absolutely perfect! We used the fortune cookies in the gift box we gave out at the end of the night. My brother even got a little choked up when he saw the message inside.
~ Becky J.

Original Vanilla Was Fresh - The fancy fortune cookies were used as a part of a gallery exhibition as a replacement for a card that visitors could take with them that listed the website address and my name as the "fortune". People appreciated the uniqueness of the fortune cookie concept and how it tied in to my website. I only had the original vanilla flavor, but people loved how fresh they were.

~ Jessica Roeckel

I want to thank you and your company for excellent service. - From the ease of ordering to the fortune cookies being shipped on time it really has been a great experience. The cookies were a hit at my event. My brother is a hydroplane driver and I had the cookies made for one of our biggest races of the year. I host a after race party and everybody loved them. Not only that they had messages pertaining to our race, but that the taste was awesome. I will defiantly be ordering from the Fancy Fortune Cookie company again.
~ Janine

People are going nuts over them! - I just wanted to email you and thank you all for helping me with another successful event. My first custom fortune cookie order with you was late last year (it was actually placed by my sister who helped me with my event) – the cookies were a huge success. I ordered them again for an event this past Saturday. Again, huge success! This last event was a tradeshow and I think I gave your website out 10 times. I do know that a client’s wife ordered some Fancy Fortune Cookies last night! People are going nuts over them! Thanks again and I look forward to my next order!
~ Dawn Brown
InSource Consulting, Inc.

You made everything so simple! - I just wanted to tell you what a hit your fortune cookies were at our party. They arrived exactly as you promised, the fortunes were perfect. In this day and age when it is so difficult to get even the most minor thing done correctly, it was such a delight to work with Fancy Fortune Cookies. And the cookies were delicious! Thanks again. You are on our speed dial now.
~ Roberta Gelb
President, Chelsea Office Systems, Inc.

I just want to thank you for our giant fortune cookie order. It arrived at just the right time, and it was exactly what I envisioned. I used the cookies as centerpieces at my kids' b'nai mitzvah party, which was held in a Chinese restaurant. Everyone oohed and aahed, and then smashed them up and started eating them! Perfect! Thank you so much for your help!
~ Karen Berman

My art opening reception was yesterday and the giant personalized fortune cookies were a big hit, and surprised everyone with their great taste and special messages. Thanks again. I will spread the word and hope to have the opportunity to order some more one day.
~ Miggs
Miggs B Design

We love your fortune cookies. - We originally used 5 years ago as our wedding favors and our guests loved them. They looked beautiful (we had them in our favors as well as scattered on the tables) and tasted great. We had a very positive reaction. And then I recently got them for my husband for our 5 year anniversary. We've now got 2 kids and can't splurge on big fortune cookie orders, but I was happy to see I could get a sample pack for $10. I think you have more fortune cookie flavors now than 5 years ago when we first ordered them for our wedding. I also loved how quickly I got my cookies. Of course I was ordering them last minute and was so pleased that they came quickly. My husband really enjoyed seeing the fortune cookies on our anniversary, it took us both back. Thanks so much!
~ Deborah Vasil

You Strive For Excellence and Attain It - The fortune cookies were perfect for our event - your company is a pleasure to work with and guests are always thrilled with the personalized fortunes!!! As my order was for a hockey team - one hockey player (aged 9) could not believe that his fortune was specific to hockey and how could the Chinese gods possibly know that he played hockey!!!! So cute! You strive for excellence and attain it!!! As always, thank you again for your company's professionalism and quality of work!

~ Lori Yau

Cookies Arrived Earlier Than Expected - The personalized fortune cookies were fantastic. They were part of a team building activity and it was a nice surprise for our group to have some of their "comments" in a fortune cookie. I had a few questions about the process before I ordered and they were answered with clarity and professionalism. Then when my "event" date was earlier than the ground shipping could provide, I received a personal phone call with options on how to have the cookies delivered in time. I appreciated the personal care and attention. Everyone loved the original vanilla fortune cookies, thought they tasted good and loved the concept of personalizing them.

~ Nicole Gross

Your Service Was Off the Charts - Everyone loved the idea we put together. TheChinese take-out boxes and the personalized fortune cookie print were great, just how we wanted them to be. From a 1-10, you were off the charts!! I was very pleased with the Customer Service Fancy Fortune Cookies provided me with. The cookies tasted excellent, and it shocked people that fortune cookies came in other flavors than vanilla. Keep up the good work and keep treating your customers with the same courtesy.

~ Melissa Guerrero

They Were Addicting - The fortune cookies worked out great promoting our event. Your service, as before, was the best. It's kind of funny concerning the reviews of our fortune cookie promotion. A few students were bummed that there wasn't a real fortune inside, only the info for our event - ha! And they were delicious and addicting! We will always come to you if we decide to advertise with personalized fortune cookies in the future. Your company is terrific to work with and I could sit and eat a boxful of those yummy cookies any time of the day! Thank you for the great service and product!

~ Kim Jackson

Your Fortune Cookies Were Stunning - Once again you have MADE our event with your stunning fortune cookies!!! EVERYONE LOVED THEM. We gave one cookie to each person at the end of the meal along with a lottery ticket!!! Everyone just loved the fortune cookies - MORE THAN THE LOTTERY TICKET! Your level of service was even MORE EXCELLENT than our last order! KEEP DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW. We are VERY PLEASED with how things have gone with these first 2 orders. THANK A MILLION & MAY GOOD FORTUNE BE YOURS ALWAYS!!!
~ Antoinette Jucha

Thank you so much for the personal attention. We loved our fortune cookies and people were so happy to see their dream fortunes come out of a tasty cookie. love you guys and will find new ways of using you again!
~ Michelle Singer

The Flavor is Amazing, It's Hard to Eat Just One - I wanted to tell you how fantastic the fortune cookies are. The flavor is amazing and the personalized fortune itself is very well done. I could not be more pleased with the cookies. They are for my husband's surprise birthday party on January 19th but many people have already sampled them and let me tell you, it was hard for them to eat just one! Great product, great service and communication and for the price, you have a superior product. I am not sure there is anything you could improve on. Everything is exactly how I wanted. Thanks again!

~ Michelle Frygier

Cookies Were Amazing - The personalized fortune cookies were absolutely amazing. We got nothing but compliments about how neat and gorgeous the Fancy Fortune Cookies were. Not to mention that they tasted fabulous, too! One of my bridesmaids came and asked me if she could eat them...I said of course. And she replied they are so neat looking she was afraid to eat hers. I think that the service, knowledge, and genuinity of the staff there that I spoke with were great! I really couldn't have asked for more. Thanks so very much!

~ Lindsey Arkenburg

The fortune cookies were a Huge hit! Everyone thought they were unique and clever. Great job on service. From the very beginning the web and the attendants walked us through the process. Very hands on even from hundreds of miles away. We went with the original flavor and everyone was blown away with how fresh they tasted. We were using as client Christmas gifts. Our only problem is that we wish they came sorted by fortune. We wanted to make sure everyone got an assortment. But overall, not a big deal.
~ Mary Beth Hobby
Langstaff Marketing

Sooo Fresh! - They are the freshest fortune cookies we've ever had!

~ Jonathan Jellen

Service Was Fast - Tasted Great - The Fancy Fortune Cookies were GREAT!!!!! They couldn't have been any better, they even tasted great. Service was fast AND accurate - all fortunes looked perfect, exactly as written to you. Comments were...."how did you get these done", "these really taste great", " What a great idea", and "where did you get these at...." The only thing that could have been made it better is if the cookies had been grouped by type of fortune, even at extra expense. You all did a great job, and will do again if the occasion calls for it!

~ Larry Bush

Will Order Again - The fortune cookies were great! It was a New Year's gift for friends! I put the cookies in Chinese takeout boxes with a tag on them! I then delivered them to friends (just like a Chinese food deliver!) Luck would have it that no cookies were broke but I was so thankful for the extras as I was able to give some to more friends! I only used chocolate fortune cookies but everyone seemed to love them. (I did have a friend who ate all that I gave to his family....he didn't realize he was supposed to share!). You had the fortune cookies here before I needed them (before you "promised), they were shipped securely, extras came, they were tasty.... I will definitely order again, and can't wait to try the different flavors. Thank you for helping get my order here in perfect form! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

~ Lisa Moran

A Lot of Ooh-ing & Aah-ing - Everything went beautifully. The fortune cookies were a big hit. I think most people were a little off-put at first, wondering why there were fortune cookies at a fancy reception, but as soon as one person opened theirs, then everyone started doing it. There was a lot of oohing & aahing and "how cute!". One couple said they wished they had done that at their wedding. Your service, shipping and follow up has been excellent. I will definitely recommend your company for any other occasion that calls for a unique attention-getter. Thanks again,
~ Ramona Owens

"Real Raspberry, Can You Believe That?" - The custom fortune cookies worked very well and people were surprised by the favor as it was not expected at a western wedding. The color was the first awakening, followed by the taste - I don't think (myself included) realized that fortune cookies could come in any other color or taste than the basic brown no taste. There was a lot of "oh wow, look at this. Have you tasted those fortune cookies yet? Real raspberry, can you believe that? Where did you get these?" I ordered last minute and then had a question about my order and you were right there putting my mind at ease and responding in a very pleasant manner. It was a delight to deal with you and we all thank you and wish you a very profitable new year.

~ Linda Smith

I ordered chocolate covered fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies for a surprise birthday party for my mom. It was held at her favorite Chinese restaurant. The custom cookies where the capper to a perfect evening. Your service was fast, easy and exactly as you said it would be. (3 out of 3, you usually only get to pick 2). Thanks again for making it a great night.
-Scott Zuckerberg

The fortune cookies were a big hit! And I couldn't ask for better service! Thanks for all your help. And I will certainly recommend your business every chance I get.

- Patti Cornelius

The personalized Fancy Fortune Cookies are a unique way to grab your customers attention, or start a conversation about your product and ultimately move business and make sales.

- Lissa Bumpas

Fancy Fortune Cookies was a fantastic choice - fun, interesting, neat to create your own cute/funny fortunes, a party pleaser! Thanks A Lot!

- Amanda Gillette & Craig Colcough

Thank You! Fancy Fortune Cookies are wonderful!

- Jennifer Deering, Astoria Homes

The cookies and the boxes were a hit - not only did they go over great for my sales meeting, but my boss thinks I'm brilliant for coming up with such a unique marketing idea. Thanks.

- Holly Evans

The flavored fortune cookies were a big hit. Everyone was surprised not only by the color but by the custom message. Your level of service was perfect. You knew exactly where the order stood at all times and the cookies arrived with time to spare, even on short notice. Blueberry was our flavor of choice, so we have several fun pictures of "blue tongued" guests! The only thing I would do differently in the next order would be to have more messages. Once the crowd found out there was a custom message they wanted to know what everyone else's cookie had to say. Unfortunately, we only had the one fortune. Nonetheless, A HUGE success!

- Randy Makoski

It was a pleasure working with the people at Fancy Fortune Cookies. They were polite, courteous to me and exceeded my clients needs.

- Chantal Racette

I wanted to let you know we received the cookies and they are FANTASTIC! They taste great and your customer service has been exemplary. Thank you so much.

- Judy Volpe

Just wanted to let you know that the fortune cookies were a big hit! I wanted something different to hand out when our baby was born, instead of a cigar, chocolate cigars, sucker, etc... so the fortune cookies were great. Her fortune said, "It's a girl" and her name on the fortune. I'll make sure we tell everyone where they came from.

- John Borkowski

We LOVED the cookies and the service was TERRIFIC! I have already recommended your company to everyone! And will continue to do so. I am thinking of other parties I can have where I can order more fortune cookies!

- Molly Beery

We gave the cookies out at a trade show and they were a big hit. No one had ever seen them before... Your level of service was excellent, very professional and prompt. Can't think of any improvements. I have recommended you to quite a few people.

- Kathryn Burkhardt

The fortune cookies were absolutely wonderful. Everyone loved the specialized messages and to top it off, the taste was great. I was concerned that they might not come fresh and that some of the cookies might be broken. I was so pleasantly surprised that almost none of the cookies were broken and they were SO fresh. I even kept a couple for myself because they tasted so good.

- Michelle M. Tussle

The cookies were very fun and enjoyed by everyone!! I was at a wedding and the cookies were delivered to the hotel in Chicago on the exact day I was told! It makes all the world of difference to work with a company like you. I would call you over anyone anytime knowing I can rely on the customer service.

- Robb Carter

I was extremely pleased with my fortune cookie order -- it was a big hit at the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting. The cookies were the perfect accompaniment for our committee's (Future of Law Libraries in the Digital Age) final report, which was delivered at that meeting. I appreciated your assurance that I would get the cookies on time and setting up the order as the Internet special.

- Gail Warren

They made great favors to give out at the end of a Bar Mitzvah party! We packed them into Chinese take-out containers and gave to our guests as they were leaving. Inexpensive, yummy, clever way to give a favor. Very Original, fun idea, cookies were incredible fresh. Delicious!

- Michael Golden

After trying Fancy Fortune Cookies one day, several weeks ago, I had Chinese food at my favorite Chinese restaurant. At the end of my meal, I popped open the fortune cookie, read my message and started eating the cookie. It was so bad I spit it out. I was spoiled. There just isn't any comparison. Fancy Fortune Cookies are the BEST tasting fortune cookies I've ever had.

- George Limbach

The president of our group snagged a bag full of them to give to "everyone on the return flight." I was very impressed with the level of quality of the cookies. They smelled great and tasted great too.

- Susan Imperial, Levitt TeleWeb Sales

The fortune cookies were a big hit with the teachers. I ordered them as to give along with a teacher appreciation gift from the PTA. The cookies tasted great.

- Shannon Jordan