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Fancy Fortune Cookies Testimonials - Page 2

Fancy Fortune Cookies, thank you so much for the excellent prompt service!  The vanilla fortune cookies are delicious. My recipients and I agree that they are the best fortune cookies we've ever had.  Also, the color, texture, packaging and condition of the fortune cookies are to be commended. Other than the convenience, I also applaud the top-notch product and service and will be including your custom fortune cookies in future celebrations and occasions that I host. I was not aware that flavored fortune cookies were available.  For others like me, you might consider including a sample of a couple of flavors in an order. If the other gourmet fortune cookie flavors are as delicious as mine were, I could see placing a double order to coordinate color schemes or party themes etc.~ Jill McGowan

The gourmet fortune cookies were a great success.  Everyone loved the giant fortune cookie dipped in chocolate that we used for the bachelorette party; it was gone almost immediately.  The custom fortune cookies were used in gift boxes for our wedding guests. We had a destination wedding in San Francisco so we made origami takeout boxes and filled them with everyone's Chinese name and our custom fortune cookie wedding favors.  We loved the vanilla flavored fortune cookies.  Even my mom who usually does not eat fortune cookies wanted to know if there were any leftovers. Thanks so much for everything.  I will definitely keep your company and cookies in mind for the future when I want to add a unique touch to a celebration.
~ Judith Marcin

We used the custom fortune cookies as a unique "thank you" for signing up to be a “friend of the library” during our annual membership drive. We saved enough to also use the remaining fortune cookies as thank you "tokens" for our annual library volunteer recognition event later this year.  The cookies were very easy to order, and received promptly. Many people commented on what a cute, and different idea it was to thank them with personalized fortune cookies.
~ Gayle GreuberDutton 

S. Peterson Memorial Library

The custom fortune cookies worked out perfectly! The level of service was most extraordinary! Everything was just excellent and very much appreciated.
~ Sue M. Hall

We used the custom fortune cookies at a trade show and they were a big HIT. People were excited about getting gourmet fortune cookies. From a marketing standpoint: we got a lot of compliments on the creativity of using custom fortune cookies to distinguish ourselves from other vendors.
 ~ Patty Amos 


The custom fortune cookies worked perfectly for our event.  The bridal shower had a Zen theme and those fortune cookies were not only delicious but also a decorative favor.  Your service was outstanding - you were very helpful and the fortune cookies arrived in excellent condition. Thanks very much!
~ Candy Hickey

The custom fortune cookies worked out great-- they were a hit all around, and an unexpected surprise. The service was great: I got email and follow up calls after I called, concerned that I might not receive the fortune cookies in time for my event. Great follow through! We had a themed party with all the "favorite" candies and novelty items of our childhood, and everyone thought the bubble gum fortune cookies were a fresh take on an old favorite!!!  - Cheryl Urena

Fancy Fortune Cookies did an awesome job! Many people that thought the giant fortune cookie was a wonderful idea for proposing to my girlfriend. Your service was over and above! You got the giant fortune cookie to me on time (overnighted!) which was key. - Robert Brown

My daughter enjoyed the gourmet fortune cookies immensely. I give you the highest rating! – Misty Lenz

I ordered a giant fortune cookie as a special thank you to a supplier. Literally everyone at this company made a comment or said thank you for the gigantic fortune cookie-- they thought it was a cool idea! Even the owner’s wife sought me out to thank me, even giving me a hug! I was still getting thanks came a month after I sent it to them! I give your gourmet fortune cookies a 10! – Joe ViziOwner Eco-Scrub Carpet & Floor Care

The custom fortune cookies were a success, as always! My contact with Erin was the high point of the service! People commented about the uniqueness of featuring giant fortune cookies as our centerpieces. -Vicki Lowe

The fortune cookies arrived well and they were very appreciated. Everyone agreed that  flavored fortune cookies were an original idea and very good. The service level is tops! In France, we have fortune cookies but not such quality, gourmet fortune cookies. I will not hesitate to recommend you or your cookies! Thank you for your service, your creativity and especially for the excellent quality of the Fancy Fortune Cookies. - Corinne Muscolini

The custom fortune cookies were absolutely perfect! And what wonderful customer service! I would highly recommend Fancy Fortune Cookies to any individual and/or corporation. Both the cherry flavored fortune cookies and the chocolate fortune cookies were amazing. - Betsy Heightman
Vista Community Clinic

We ordered custom fortune cookies from your company in honor of Month of the Military Child. The fortune cookies were given out to 300+ elementary school children at lunchtime to thank them for their support as military children in our community. We have students who have parents that are deployed all over the world and these kids were overjoyed opening the fortune cookies. One staff member said she got a lump in her throat when she heard a child say that his fortune cookie must have been sent from his Dad in Iraq... Our event was a great success and the Fancy fortune cookies brightened everyone's day! Thank you! We will definitely order again in the future!
~ Alicia Murphy

The fortune cookies were great!  My fiancée loved his surprise! I think he ate half the giant fortune cookie in one weekend! And I ordered the sample pack of fortune cookies also, which we had so much fun tasting. The service was great too!  I received all the fortune cookies right before I was planning to give it to him, so the giant fortune cookie was fresh & delicious! My sister, who doesn't really like fortune cookies, actually enjoyed the Cherry flavored fortune cookies.  And the rest of my family and friends have commented that it's such an original gift idea.  One of them thought it was a very nice touch that we could create custom fortune cookies with personal messages inside! Thanks so much!  I look forward to ordering from you again!-Jennifer Kovacs

The fortune cookies worked well.  People really enjoyed the blueberry fortune cookies and had a lot of fun with their mouths turning blue. "Look at my tongue!" people would say with a big smile. We were very happy with the gourmet fortune cookies and think that the vast majority of our guests really thought they were a fun idea.~ T. Haworth

The fortune cookies went over very well at our local festival for advertising.  We were very pleased with Fancy Fortune Cookie’s level of service and the timely manner in which our order was filled.  We just ordered the original flavor custom fortune cookies. We have definitely gotten phone calls and great feedback from this form of advertisement! - Jan Mathis

I greatly appreciate all the work you did for me and my students. My students were working on a theme based on Kung Fu Panda. They made the fortunes for one of their homework assignments. They also made handmade takeout containers from an origami site, put their Fancy Fortune Cookies in the container with rice candy and Chinese good luck candy, and handed out the containers as gifts to their learning partners. Everyone enjoyed the fortune cookies and said they tasted like gourmet fortune cookies not like regular fortune cookies.
- James Fleming

We included Fancy Fortune Cookies with other items in favor boxes for my daughter's wedding. The service was excellent—the custom fortune cookies arrived on schedule and in perfect condition. The guests loved the idea of wedding fortune cookies (as did we)! - Linda Engelbrecht

The custom fortune cookies arrived on time and everyone was surprised at the uniqueness of our party favors.  Everyone seemed to enjoy both gourmet fortune cookie flavors.  Your service was incredible and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you waiving the overnight shipping charge.  Our daughter is being moved to rehab in Dallas tomorrow at the Baylor Brain Trauma Center.  We are very excited and look forward to seeing more progress in her recovery.  She has made a lot of progress in 2 weeks.  Thanks again for being so understanding during this time. Thanks to Fancy Fortune Cookies, everything was a success!  ~ Julie Cunningham

Just wanted to let you know that your giant fortune cookie was a great success! I gave it to my daughter for her 26th birthday and I will be emailing a photo of her opening up her custom fortune cookie as soon as I can upload my camera photos! She was completely surprised and thrilled to find such a fun gift. It was so beautiful that she couldn't bring herself to break into her giant fortune cookie when she first opened her gift, so she and her husband ate it a couple of days later when they had friends over. She reports that it was absolutely delicious and that her husband liked the chocolate the most, while she like the taste of the fortune cookie best! Your customer service was excellent and shipping was prompt. I was nervous about having a chocolate covered fortune cookie shipped in the middle of summer, but it arrived in perfect condition. The only thing I wish is that my daughter had saved me a piece! Thank you so much again.  ~ Karen Ladd

What great fortune cookies !  A huge hit.! We held a surprise 60th birthday party for my brother at the Red Egg in Chinatown.  Best Dim Sum in New York.  Your gourmet fortune cookies were placed in little Chinese Food take-out containers, two to a place setting.  More people complimented your gourmet fortune cookie's flavor than my pithy, over-sentimental custom fortunes... thanks!   ~ Douglas GrayGray Matters, Inc

I was so impressed with my fortune cookies, everyone was so shocked when I showed them the samples I purchased, and they were so tasty.  As a matter of fact I was going to use them for a women’s history booth for a multicultural fair but the Asian pacific booth took the fortune cookie idea first.  SO! I will be buying more custom fortune cookies for my Home based business.  Again, thank you for the great fortune cookies. They were a hit! ~ Sgt Melissa D. Alexander

The fortune cookies were a big hit.  Everyone loved the unique idea,
the cute boxes and gift tags, and the cappuccino flavored fortune cookies were
wonderful.  It was a fantastic and unique idea to do wedding fortune cookies as gift favors. Your level of service was right on! I was very pleased with every aspect of working with Fancy Fortune Cookies online and the price was very reasonable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I will definitely use Fancy Fortune Cookies again.
-Toni Eaton

We used the custom fortune cookies to include messages for specific business initiatives, and made them a fun reminder of goals we wanted employees to achieve and how to do it. The custom fortune cookies were very memorable—way more than just another e-mail or desk drop! Fancy Fortune Cookies’ service was great! Order was delivered on time and I had to stop myself from eating them since they were stored in my office and are very tasty! We actually have folks putting the fortune cookies in their cubes as a reminder of the business initiative we are trying to encourage.
- Osmar Blanco

We used the fortune cookies as audience "favors" for the opening night of the play "Glengarry Glen Ross" at Ghostlight Theatre Club.  (The first scene of the play takes place in a Chinese restaurant.) We placed bowls of our fancy fortune cookies near the exits so people could enjoy them at intermission and after the show. Everyone seemed to enjoy the taste and freshness of the fortune cookies and the fun of finding lines of dialogue in their "fortunes."  Fancy Fortune Cookies made us look very clever.-Kathy Etherton

The custom fortune cookies were awesome! We used them as a thank you to my parents for taking us on a two week trip to China. Fancy Fortune Cookies gave us fantastic service! When the date that I wanted them delivered was too early, I received both an email and a phone call letting me know. My mom has raved to everyone about how wonderful your gourmet fortune cookies taste. She says your fortune cookies are far better then the ones in restaurants. Rather than the stale restaurant kind, Fancy Fortune Cookies taste very flavorful.
- Jennifer Phares

My Fancy Fortune Cookies were a big hit and the messages and colors/flavors were a great surprise.  It seems everyone loves custom fortune cookies! Fancy Fortune Cookies gave us excellent service; the turn-around time was quick and the fortune cookies arrived right on schedule. These fortune cookies are delicious.  People had fun reading their messages to each other.
- Emma Palzere-Rae

We used the fortune cookies partly as dessert and partially as favors at our Wedding Reception.  They worked wonders!  We put our wedding fortune cookies in large bowls on some of the tables as decorations and in bowls near door for people to take home. Ladies especially thought they custom fortune cookies were a cute idea and in general, everyone was amazed at how tasty those Fancy Fortune Cookies are.  ~ Justin Bruegenhemke 

We use the custom fortune cookies as part of an overall marketing program, not just a single event. My husband and I decided that gourmet fortune cookies would be more fun and novel than giving out pens or note pads. The people in the office love the idea also so maybe you will get business from them too Tthe market is very slow and although gourmet fortune cookies won't sell a house, the potential customer will more likely  remember my name! -Phyllis Kopp

We used Fancy Fortune Cookies as favors for our wedding vow renewal ceremony and they were wonderful! The fortune cookies arrived when promised, in great condition (not many broken ones at all), and were very fresh. I had to keep swatting people's hands back so they wouldn't eat all of our wedding fortune cookies before we got them packaged up! Custom fortune cookies were a great surprise to our guests and provided that extra bit of meaning at our reception. We will definitely use Fancy Fortune Cookies again. - Randi Tucker

Our wedding fortune cookies were our favors and they were great! We tasted them and not only are they wonderful, but also a very unique idea. The quotes we used in our custom fortune cookies were very sweet and it was great that we had 5 different choices included in the price of our order!  Also, sending extra fortune cookies was awesome because a few were broken in transit (of course, this was expected).  It was great to have potential broken fortune cookies taken into account! Very thoughtful! The guests thought the fortune cookies were unique and very sweet with the love quotes in them for our reception!! ~ BRENNA R. ECK 

Last time I ordered from Fancy Fortune Cookies it was a huge success!  My youngest son is a Leukemia survivor who also had to have an unrelated stem cell transplant.  I used the fortune cookies as Christmas gifts for all of his doctors and nurses at the hospital where he was treated.   Not only did they all comment how wonderful tasting the gourmet fortune cookies were, but also what a creative gift, and they loved the personalized fortunes that my son "thought up," and were included inside. ~ 
Regina Funk

In my business, I like to celebrate off-beat holidays. Evidently, there's a Chinese Valentine's day at the end of July-beginning of August, so I offered Fancy Fortune Cookies to my clients.  Members had to "crack a cookie" & eat it to claim a special prize.  They loved the gourmet fortune cookies!!  The fortune cookies added to the day & a few members asked for extra cookies just to eat, rather than for prizes! Fancy Fortune Cookies’ service was tremendous!  I really appreciated having someone phone me about shipping charges to Canada -- that was very thoughtful.  People commented that Fancy Fortune cookies were much more flavorful than the usual fortune cookies and the fruit flavors (cherry & lemon) were a great treat!  I also love the ability to have my own "fortunes".  I'm thinking I can promote "Good health . . . good fitness . . . good fortune".  I think this would be a great way to generate new clients.-Susan Cressey Owner Curves franchise

Fancy Fortune Cookies were a terrific hit.  We held our function at an Asian Restaurant and the fortune cookies couldn't have fit our theme any better. The service was excellent, every step of the way!  Everyone was so surprised that the fortune cookies tasted so good.  Unlike traditional "cardboard" flavor....these fortune cookies were surprisingly light and tasty.....we could have used even more!  The guest of honor just loved the personalized "fortunes" in each cookie.  It made her feel really special, just as we had hoped.
- Gina Nuccetelli

We used Fancy Fortune Cookies for my daughter's wedding.  Her colors were yellow
and white and the yellow/ lemon fortune cookies fit in with the color scheme perfectly.
The guests really loved the wedding fortune cookies with the personal messages inside.  Fancy Fortune Cookies was great to work with and this was one of the easiest
transactions I had during all the planning of the wedding.  Thanks again for
helping my daughter accomplish the perfect wedding.  
~ Cathy Barfield

We used Fancy Fortune Cookies for a bridal party luncheon.  They contained lots of different great messages for the bride and groom. The fortune cookies were fabulous and knocked the socks off the bride, groom and the guests. Everyone said they had never had such tasty, fresh fortune cookies! Thanks for the good'll be hearing from me again!
~ Karen Toreson 

Everyone thought the idea of gourmet fortune cookies was great and when they tasted the fortune cookies, they commented on how delicious and fresh they were.  They also loved the personal message inside.  I ordered custom fortune cookies for our first anniversary because we had them for our wedding favors. Your level of service is on a level with only a few companies in my experience - and I've dealt with many, many companies. I overheard things like: "What a unique idea!",   "Oprah sends these?", "yum!", "The chocolate is delicious!"~ Kerri Stahl

The fortune cookies are perfect! We only got the vanilla flavored fortune cookies, but everyone thinks they are delicious!~ Wendy Pedotti

The custom fortune cookies worked wonderfully! Everyone liked the individualized
messages. They were GREAT!!! I heard people remarking about the fortune cookies: "You got to have your own quotes!", "That was really fun!" and "The fortune cookies are so good!" Everything went just perfect. I enjoyed working with Fancy Fortune Cookies, but everything went perfect—and I was a bit nervous since it was my first time.

 - Carolyn Webb

The fortune cookies were delicious and the participants were excited to get custom fortune cookies with a personalized message. I had several people come and ask me where I ordered the fortune cookies from.  One of the ladies said, "Yum, these fortune cookies are good....and the message is good too!" Keep up the good work.~ 

David Mahfouz

Thank you, Fancy Fortune Cookies so much for making my boyfriend’s birthday the best ever! The giant fortune cookie was a great hit! Thank you! 
~ Letizia Musetti

Fancy Fortune Cookies are excellent! My guests were thoroughly impressed with how delicious and fresh the fortune cookies were. They particularly liked the chocolate fortune cookies dipped in chocolate. Those were the big winner! Fancy Fortune Cookies delivers exactly what they promise! 

 ~ Nancy Luther

We ordered the custom fortune cookies for our wedding reception.  We enclosed each wedding fortune cookie in a small white Chinese take-out box with the word 'Thanks' stenciled on it and our special message inside. Everything was great. We had several guests comment on what a cute idea it was to do wedding fortune cookies—they seemed to really like them and we loved them!
~ Tonia Pearson

The giant fortune cookie was great!  I used it for my boyfriend's and my 6 month anniversary. I brought it in the day before to the Chinese restaurant where we went on our first date. I arranged it so that his giant fortune cookie would be brought out at the end of our meal (just like when regular fortune cookies are usually brought out). My boyfriend was completely surprised, and he loved the customized fortune inside. The giant fortune cookie lived up to its name (HUGE), and I loved the heart sprinkles on it! Fancy Fortune Cookies’ service was excellent. Obviously time was taken by you all to make sure that the fortune cookie was just how I wanted it, and it was delivered perfectly... everything was great.~ Elana Barkowitz

We used the fortune cookies as favors for my daughter’s wedding. The level of service was fantastic!  I asked to have them by the 17th of July and on they were here right on time. It being such a busy time, I was so grateful that I didn't have to worry about the fortune cookies arriving on time. The fortune cookies arrived in great shape and we opened a few to see the messages inside.  They were exactly what I ordered and looked great!  I put the wedding fortune cookies in some really cute cellophane bags with my matching ribbons. I am so pleased with how everything turned out!  Thank you so very much. I will use Fancy Fortune Cookies again! ~ 
Cathy Redd

We used Fancy Fortune Cookies as favors for our wedding and they worked out great!
The level of service was fantastic...each person I interacted with was extremely helpful.  "These chocolate fortune cookies are awesome!" 
 - Anup Goel

We used custom  fortune cookies at a graduation party I gave for my son.  He loved it! People commented what a good idea it was to have graduation fortune cookies and how unusual it was.   - Louise Foreman

The fortune cookies were great - although being individually wrapped was a little annoying at a cocktail party, so we unwrapped them before putting them out. Everyone liked them and they were thrilled to find out there was a chocolate fortune cookie flavor.
- Kathleen Zamorski

Our Fancy Fortune Cookies were FABULOUS!!! People LOVED them. We had the basic vanilla fortune cookie.  Personally, I felt the cookie, itself, was a cut above and quite delicious.  Most of our guests, however, were wrapped up (okay, a pun!) in their addition to the unique flavors. Fancy Fortune Cookies did a great job! What I particularly appreciated was having a real person answer the phone when I called with a question before ordering!~ Andrea Zimmermann

 Cyrenius H. Booth Library