Fortune Cookie Party Favors
Custom fortune cookies can be the perfect addition to parties, fundraisers and many corporate events.

Custom Fortune Cookie Idea Guide

1. Fortune Cookies For A Cause

Oprah used Fancy Fortune Cookies to promote a cause twice!A loud ring and suddenly Oprah’s assistant was on the phone. The cause? Oprah’s most important event: Oprah’s Angel Network.

Compliment the first ten people
you see tomorrow.
Oprah's Angel Network 

Do you have a cause you believe in too? If so fortune cookies work like a charm when you put your special messages inside. Make them clever. Tell them the benefits of donating to your cause. Sell them for a contest with a few cookies containing prizes.

2. Glam Alert

Wow all of your guests. Serve them party favors that are one of a kind and so cute you’ll get compliments galore. Thank them for coming with your custom fortune cookie messages, or use them as a fun mixer.

Having a pretty party all in pink? Perfect! Because you’ll be able to dazzle your guests or friends with our delicious Raspberry fortune cookies. Add extra pizzazz by having them dipped in luscious white, milk or dark Chocolate. Or try our new Party Colored pink chocolate cookies. We can even add some sprinkles to top them off or decorate them with chocolate drizzle. We have over 12 different colors of fortune cookies for you to choose from, plus another 17 colors of chocolate—perfect for coordinating with your event colors. Fortune cookies can be elegant, look fabulous  as place card holders, or unique wedding favors.

3. Let The Fun Begin...The Secret Party Ice Breaker
David X is famous. You may have seen his home on HGTV’s Amazing Homes. And he loves….we mean loves… to throw A-List parties. In Los Angeles every year he holds a bash for his close Hollywood friends and clients. He uses fortune cookies to get the fun rolling, create hysterical laughter and cause people to get to know each other in an innovative way. Here’s what he does:
He sits down with one or two of his friends and they meticulously go through the elite guest list, creating a custom fortune for each and every guest. If there are 65 guests then he has us create 65 fortunes. Money is not an option. He only cares about giving his guests a unique, memorable and one of a kind experience. What do the fortunes say? Some are fun. Some are crazy, some are revealing, some are well known gossip about the recipient.

They’re obviously all inside jokes. But they get all the guests talking, laughing and gossiping in such a FUN way. You could have your own Inside Joke party, too. Important tip: Make sure you create fortunes that are NOT too personal or cynical, and make sure everyone has a good sense of humor. ☺

If this isn't quite your style, but you still need a fun icebreaker, you can customize fortune cookies with interesting questions. Like: Ask the person beside you what absolutely terrifies them.

4. Help! I Need Two Fortune Cookies NOW!
If you suddenly find that you need one or two fortune cookies FAST, then you can use this method. Here’s a great inside secret you can do at home to create fast, custom fortune cookies: the Microwave Method.

Here’s all you do:
• Go to your favorite Chinese restaurant and simply ask for a few cookies.   
• Type out your custom fortune and print it out. Trim it to exactly the same size as the fortune inside the cookie. This is usually ½” wide and 2 ½” long.
• Place the fortune cookie inside the microwave. Make sure you take it out of the wrapper. Set your microwave to 15 seconds and turn it on. As soon as the microwave shuts off, immediately (really immediately) grab the cookie and see if it’s flexible. If it is, open the cookie, remove the fortune, replace it with your own and fold it back into a cookie shape and hold until the cookie cools. If it’s not flexible enough, run another 5 seconds. That’s it!

5. Fun Gifts And Favors 

Birthday Bash – Surprise someone with the most unique gift ever—the world’s largest fortune cookie, our one pound Giant. Plus, it comes with a huge fortune, so there’s lots of room to express yourself. Or, if you’re throwing a big party with lots of guests, order a batch of regular sized personalized fortune cookies. Make it personal by including favorite quotes, the name and age of the celebrant, perhaps over the hill messages, or any fun messages related to the honoree.

Happy Anniversary
– When you’re searching for a new idea, here’s a memorable way to say: I’m so glad we’re together. If renewing your vows, or having an anniversary party, custom fortune cookies are a great, inexpensive favor. We can match our cookies to any color scheme you can plan.

Sweet 16 – For the girl who’s not easily impressed, here’s a sure hit. Give her a personalized Giant Fortune Cookie, big enough to share with all her friends. Or, if she’s planning her own party, ordering personalized fortune cookies in fun flavors and colors are a cool way for the birthday girl to express herself to all her friends. (And thank them for celebrating with her at her party.)

I Miss You – Express your deepest feelings in a fortune cookie. Has your loved one been gone for awhile? Tell them you miss them in a way sure to melt their heart. Having a coming home party, or going away send-off? Share your love, excitement and well wishes in custom fortune cookie favors. We can even ship them overseas.

Secret Admirer
– Do you have a secret crush? Inspire curiosity with your anonymous message inside a Giant fortune cookie. (We’ll never reveal your identity!)

Propose – Thrill your loved one with a giant fortune cookie containing the ultimate fortune: Will You Marry Me? Tip: Slip the ring inside for an extra special surprise!
Wedding – Personalized fortune cookies make great wedding favors. Fill them with the couple’s quirky quotes, favorite expressions of love and romance, or humorous anecdotes about the perils of love and marriage. Whatever your style as a couple, you are only limited by your imagination. Some couples have even used giant fortune cookies as unique cake toppers. Whatever color scheme you select, we can match it.

6. Let the Party Begin

Centerpiece – Need a fabulous centerpiece that makes a statement? Watch your guests’ eyes light up at the sight of your giant fortune cookie conversation piece. The best part is, after the event a lucky guest from each table can take one home! Or they work well as a sharable dessert. Or build a tower of fortune, like the Food Network did (left).

Thank You Surprise – Custom fortune cookies are the most memorable and unique way to thank your guests for attending your party. Whether you’re using giant cookies for a bold statement or smaller cookies for a more personal touch, your guests are sure to feel appreciated.

Fundraising – Donald Trump and Oprah (and many other celebs) have used personalized fortune cookies to promote their favorite charity. Just imagine how you could use personalized fortune cookies. Get creative and have fun!

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