A Most Fortunate Holiday Season

Start A New Holiday Tradition...put your words in their hands

Here at the fortune cookie bakery we elves are busy seven days a week. In fact, this year we have something special—our Head Designer Elf Anna has come up with some wonderful ideas for decorating with fortune cookies.


Using our special holiday flavors and sprinkles—GINGERBREAD, PEPPERMINT AND TRADITIONAL RED AND GREEN FLAVORS—Anna created garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, napkin rings, ornaments, gift tags and even a swinging mobile. Does that list set your ideas in motion?


The idea of decorating with fortune cookies came to her as she thought about creating new holiday traditions for her own family, traditions that could have special meaning. Simply by writing your own holiday themed fortunes, you can surprise your friends and family with personalized gourmet cookies they’ll never stop talking about. Decorate with them early, and then open the cookies at a special moment—after a holiday dinner, or save them for a New Year’s Day tradition.

For example, your holiday fortunes might say something like this:

  • We’re so fortunate to be gathered together this holiday season.
  • May you feel the true holiday spirit this year, beloved member of our family.
  • The best holiday gift of all is to have family around us this year.
  • May you be blessed with your heart’s desire this holiday season.
  • Holiday Blessings & Happy 2012 from the Miller family.
  • We predict great things for everyone in the Johnson family in 2012.
  • We’re celebrating Granddaughter Ella’s First Christmas in 2011.
  • A Cheer-filled Christmaskuh to one and all!
  • Happy Festivus from your friends the Seinfelds.
  • Make merry and give thanks for all our many blessings.
  • Joy to the world, the kids are home!
  • Lucky you…you’ve been chosen to do the dishes—and get extra hugs!

Will loved ones be far away this holiday season? Bring them closer by sending them their own batch of custom fortune cookies, so they can join in the fun too. We even have beautiful gift tins to hold them.

Anna made the garland at the top of the page from popcorn, dried cherries and fortune cookies. (If little paws or hands will be nearby, we suggest keeping the cookies sealed in their cellophane wrappers. You might even decorate each cookie with a paper topper, left and below.) Anna used cherries instead of traditional cranberries, because after you remove the cookies, the garland can be hung outside on a tree for wild birds.



In a nod to the Asian connection of fortune cookies, Anna designed a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments made from origami paper and fortune cookies. See how it all came together in this fun video:

She also beaded the handles of small paper parasols (left). This is a tree idea you won't find anywhere else! For even more fun, make it a special event to open the cookies and read the fortunes before you enjoy the delicious gourmet cookies.

How about a fortune cookie gift tag? Seems like a perfect fit to us.

Another fun idea is to hang small gift bags right on your tree, filled with fortune cookies inside and out!

Of course we can't forget wreaths. For this one, Anna used a theme of pink and chartreuse rather than red and green. She used natural raffia in her bow and beaded the fortune cookies that hang inside the wreath.

Another trick that saves both time and money is to simply add sprigs of evergreen to an existing grapevine wreath which can be used year round with different elements added. After a windy day, lots of interesting branches lie scattered about just waiting to be saved for a wreath. You might even have a wreath making party and trade clippings from your friends' yards. Of course, we think the fortune cookies are what set this wreath apart and make it oh so special.

This peppermint wreath can truly be called delicious!

Using both real and faux peppermint candies, candy canes, candy wreaths--and of course real peppermint flavored fortune cookies--Anna designed this truly sweet wreath for kids of all ages. Gingham and striped ribbons complete the classic effect with a new twist. Hang it high until it's ready to be eaten!

And even MORE peppermint ornament ideas...sweet!

We're really sure this is the world's only Christmas fortune cookie mobile!
You just have to watch the video to really appreciate it in motion. Imagine it hanging in your foyer or in any area with a high ceiling. (Plus it's one way to keep your decor from being eaten until you're ready for it to be!)
Want some ideas for New Years? We have those too, right here.