Unique and Unexpected Gifts

We're here to help close the distance

We understand that in-person events are cancelled. Trade shows are no longer an option.

You probable only see your colleagues on a screen. Quarantine has emotional challenges, too.

We think we can help. Our design team can create unique, unexpected gifts with your words of hope, encouragement and collaboration. Custom fortunes make it personal—and best of all, fortune cookies ALWAYS get read. Plus we do imprinting, packaging and fulfillment in-house, so we don’t have to rely on anyone else.

For over thirty years, Fancy Fortune Cookies has remained focused on your success.

While all of our businesses face unfamiliar times, we revisit our core values: Customer success, Trust, Honesty, and Service. Many businesses are postponing in-person events. Others have employed virtual events. We have teamed with some of them already.

Collaborating with our customers to create unique (and unexpected) gifts, with inspirational messages of hope, courage and collaboration. Creating truly meaningful gifts. Providing an unexpected lift for the sequestered. Reaching out to those we can’t be with. Closing the distance in social distancing.

We’re in this together and we’re proud to be your partner. We will get through this with you. And not just 14 days at a time. But in the months and years ahead.

It’s up to us to be the best version of ourselves. Creative. Innovative. Understanding. Patient. Let us know how we can help you make a positive impact for you and those important to you. You have my personal guarantee, that even if I have to do every step of the process myself, I will do everything possible to bake and send your order.


We’re all in this together, and I deeply appreciate your orders, as they help keep this family-run business thriving.

So who needs a package of joy?

Working hard to help you stay connected,
Erin Jump,
CEO Fancy Fortune Cookies

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Every project and budget is unique. Feel free to shop our ready to go options here, or reach out for a custom cookie package that is tailored to fit your brand and pocket book. I love designing for you!


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