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Fancy Fortune Cookies Testimonials - Page 3

We were organizing a golf member-guest event with an Asian theme and everyone who attended loved the cookies with the golf fortunes. I would not hesitate to order from you or recommend you to Anyone!! 
- Gerry Wall

It was a pleasure working with the people at Fancy Fortune Cookies. They were polite, courteous to me and met my clients needs. 
- Chantal Racette

The cookies worked out fabulously. Very helpful service and fast, professional delivery. The guests loved the cookies and thought that the idea as wedding favors was great. We put a personal fortune that the bride and groom had actually gotten in another fortune cookie. They had that elegant touch with the chocolate on them. I loved that you were able to do both milk and white chocolate in one order. It would be nice to be able to order a multi flavor combination order without having to order a quantity of 100. Thank you for great cookies. 
- Renae Sather

The cookies were very tasty and we enjoyed sampling the different flavors. Now we're curious to find out what the other ones taste like. We were also very pleased with your quick response and turnaround time, as well as good customer service. The cookies in the red take-out boxes looked great. People were having fun opening them and reading the different fortunes. Thank you for helping us to make it happen. - Eileen Rosenberg

People loved the idea of colors and the personalized message ideas. Two or three asked for the company name so that they too could look into this idea. I would love to work with you again next year if we do this project.
- Tonette Rancadore

The fortune cookies were great, I used them to kick off our school's New Year's resolution "Great in '08" with our staff (being able to use custom quotes was perfect.) Thanks for such efficient service and follow up. 
~ Melissa Gorla

The cookies are delicious and everyone was really surprised at how good the chocolate cookies tasted. The level of service was fantastic. We will definitely use Fancy Fortune Cookies again. 
- Nicole Andretta

The fortune cookies were a big hit--they were personalized for a wedding shower. The customer service rep I worked with was great---very helpful and I received them in plenty of time. Everyone loved the chocolate and the bride to be took home all the extras. Thanks again. 
~ Liz Turnbaugh

We used your custom fortune cookies as treats in baskets at tables during a two day meeting. The meeting theme was Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and application of Art of War principles to company objectives. Everyone thought these were the best tasting fortune cookies they have ever had. Even folks who claimed they didn't like fortune cookies were caught munching on them. 
– David Hoheisel

Aloha from Hawaii! The fortune cookies worked well for my event; it was my daughter's graduation. I was looking for something different as a favor and the graduation fortune cookies were great. I put them in a small metal pail on each table with a balloon tied to the pail. The different colors made the tables so much more festive. Fancy Fortune Cookies went beyond the call to notify me by email and phone to ensure my order would arrive in time. The fun flavors and great taste were just a few of the positive comments I received on the fortune cookies. Thanks for rushing the order so we could enjoy the cookies at our party!

~ Denise Akamine

I work for a company that manufactures scrapbooking by the name of BoBunny Press ( We ordered your fortune cookies to use at a buyer's presentation at our next tradeshow. We created darling take out boxes using one of our new paper lines and filled them with your wonderful gourmet fortune cookies. I know they will be a huge hit at the presentation. We also appreciated your quick service as well as the tasty fortune cookies. Additionally, we appreciated that there were extras provided to cover any breakage from shipping. Our staff loves the raspberry flavor and the pink color happens to be a BoBunny trademark. Thanks for such a great product at such a great price. We feel we had "good fortune" to find you!
Lynnette Richter

The fortune cookies I ordered were a big success. Everyone liked it and thought it was a unique idea, not to mention it was so good. The service I received when ordering the fortune cookies was outstanding and I would definitely use Fancy Fortune Cookies again and would highly recommend you.
- Andrea Edwards

Everyone was delighted with the fortune cookies! I am collecting the sayings that our daughter chose for her wedding and putting together a scrapbook/photo album with her wedding fortune cookie sayings. I thought this would help remind our daughter and her husband of the quotes they thought were important when they got married. And the fortune cookies were delicious as well I will definitely order Fancy Fortune Cookies again for a future occasion and spread the word about them!

~ Linda Kaul

We ordered Fancy Fortune Cookies as part of the favors for a get-together. We boxed the fortune cookies (one of each flavor) in red glossy boxes with the "longevity" Chinese character printed on the lid along with assorted chocolates. Our Mother turned 95 years old and we celebrated with a party/reunion. My mom was very tickled to have fortune cookies since are Asian! Your quick response in filling our order was excellent. I did not worry or have a single hesitation about your company. Our guests thought the flavored fortune cookies were cool. I will look forward to trying your other flavors for other festivities as they arise. Thank you and may you have good fortune!
~ May Yee

The fortune cookies worked great and we will be ordering more for an event we have coming up! The comment we got the most was that people were really surprised when they tasted the fortune cookie and it was blueberry flavored! At first it threw everyone for a loop (they thought they just had food coloring, not flavoring), but they really liked the gourmet flavor. The kids really liked that it turned their tongues blue! 
Tricia Haworth

The custom fortune cookies turned out great! They were delivered on time, in great shape, only 1 cookie out of 150 was broken. The flavor of the fortune cookies was terrific. Personalized messages turned out great. Keep up the good work! 
~ Clara Wigdahl

The fortune cookies were a big hit! I have 11 year old boys in 5th grade who had a project on immigration. They interviewed a friend of ours from China. They received extra credit if they brought in a food item from the immigrant's home country so we picked fortune cookies. The Fancy Fortune Cookie web site was easy to use. Shipment was very speedy. I called customer service to check on the status of our order and the rep on the phone was super! The fortune cookies tasted great. My boys loved them and couldn't eat enough. I wasn't in school when they distributed their fortune cookies, but they were a hit! 
~ Audrey Brady

The fortune cookies were for the reception at our daughter's wedding. We had a brown / green / bamboo theme. The wedding and reception were outside in our backyard. So, we had picked the mint and the chocolate fortune cookies. The fortune cookies looked and tasted great. Those who ate them said they were good fortune cookies and liked reading the fortunes. I'd try them again for another event. We liked that the fortune cookies were all individually wrapped so we could have them out all night. Your service was perfect. 
Thanks for your help!

~ Doreen Oldenettel

We loved the flavored fortune cookies! They were a hit at my sister's graduation party. They were fresh and had just the right amount of strawberry flavor. Our younger guests thought the fortune cookies were very tasty and enjoyed reading the fortunes. The level of service was great. I look forward to the next occasion that calls for your fortune cookies! 
- Hope Swenson

I received the fortune cookies and they are wonderful! Now I have to make sure I don’t eat all of my wedding favors before my wedding!

~ Candice Leong

The fortune cookies were given out as party favors for guests that attended our party. They worked out great. The service was perfect. The fortune cookies were delivered at the scheduled time. The guests really loved the idea of gourmet fortune cookies and commented on how good they tasted. 
~ Gloria Varallo

Initially, I just wanted to try the gourmet fortune cookies. After tasting them, I decided to keep them for MYSELF!! (: As I also work in customer service, I will say that the service was just fine. I am hoarding the fortune cookies all for myself. Maybe I'll give some to my wife. If she's nice to me. 
~ Jason Lien

The custom fortune cookies worked out great. The reaction I got was completely worth it. I was very pleased with the service. The order was exactly what I wanted and it arrived on time. The most common reaction from my guests: "Oh My God!!" Keep up the good work!

~ Harris Faqueri 

My daughter's graduation party was last Saturday and the fortune cookies were a hit! We received a lot of comments on the personalization of the "fortune." Many did not know custom fortune cookies were possible. They were very fresh tasting and none were broken—and we received them in plenty of time so I did not panic. Since we chose a Chinese meal as
our theme, fortune cookies were a tasty treat to compliment the meal. I have recommended
Fancy Fortune Cookies to all who asked. Thank you again. 
Karen Cheney

The fortune cookies were great!! I handed them out to my students as favors for all their hard work throughout the year in speech therapy sessions. 
~ Dana Stevenson
Bennett Elementary

We used Fancy Fortune Cookies at our wedding. They were on the guest
tables as favors. They worked especially well, as they matched our colors and
were also symbolic for us as a couple. I proposed to my wife via fortune cookie so these were quite relevant! I did hear that people liked the flavored fortune cookies and thought they were a neat idea. I gave the Fancy Fortune Cookie website to a couple of people as well. They were delicious. Thank you for all your help.

~ Daniel & Melanie Olen

My wedding was this past Saturday, and your fortune cookies were a hit.
 Everyone thought they were a unique wedding favor, and very delicious!
I can't tell you how many people I gave the web site to. Thanks a lot.

Grace Meade

I am using the fortune cookies as favors for my daughter's wedding reception. It is being held in an Asian art museum. The wedding is June 20th. My daughter has already tasted one of her wedding fortune cookies and said they were very good. She was also pleased with the fortune inside the cookie. Your service was very prompt and the fortune cookies were in great condition.

- Nora McCasland

From beginning to end, my order was handled with much professionalism. 
I recieved the cookies right on time, it was fresh, and was the conversation piece of the night. 
Thank you very much for the excellence in service.
TB Interiors 

The cookies were perfect! I don't usually care for fortune cookies, but
these were VERY tasty and my guests loved them as well!
 Service was great. I appreciated the high level of communication...keeping me posted on where the status of my order was at all times. People (including myself) who don't normally eat fortune cookies loved
them because they were so tasty! Very unique having my daughter's favorite
 sayings enclosed as well. 
-Dana Cavan

North Carolina requires that students pass End Of Grade (EOG) tests in order to pass the Gateway to 9th grade. From past experience, our 8th grade staff knows that when we have some type of theme, and give the kids something for "good luck" the day before the test, they tend to do better. While we did not have full complete participation in all of our endeavors, everyone gave out fortune cookies the day before the test. It was a huge success. Our kids were surprised at the sayings in the fortune cookies. They expected the usual things they have seen in a restaurant, and not something tailored just for them.

Anita Parker, 
Science Teacher

I was hosting a golf tournament, the theme was "Around the World in 80 strokes", so I used the cookies to represent an Asian component. I created 5 different golf jokes, plus paid for an extra set of 5, which went over really well. I made one set of 10 "your a winner" and gave prizes to those who got those fortunes. This was all a very big hit. The best part of using your cookies was being able to create more than one fortune for the lot. 
- Jennifer Sullivan

The fortune cookies worked perfectly! I used them for party favors for a 25th Anniversary Party. We put our anniversary fortune cookies in an organza drawstring baggie and they were placed in these black laquer boxes. The fortune cookies worked out exactly how I expected them to.

Guests enjoyed the taste of both the white & milk chocolate dipped cookies. They said they tasted fresh & delicious!

~ Steffanie Tamehiro

We really enjoyed the fortune cookies! They were for my son's first birthday party, where we had Chinese food and the birthday fortune cookies. There was a lot of pondering and deal making to see who got what flavor (only 3 of each, since I had to taste test them all! :) 
I was surprised at how fast I got the cookies! I planned ahead, but realize that your service would be good for last minute plans. The general consensus was that it was amazing how understatedly delicious Fancy Fortune Cookies are; flavor without tasting like a fruit loop.
Next time, I'll probably need to order the custom fortune cookies-everybody was expecting them, but I chose the random ones. 

I was throwing an Asian/Geisha House themed lingerie shower for a friend and the fortune cookies not only worked as a great decorative prop to have out at the party, but they also served as party favors! I packaged them in mini takeout boxes and sent them home with guests so they could enjoy memories of the party later on. I really appreciated the communication efforts from Fancy Fortune Cookies, as I was kept well-informed throughout the preparation and shipping process. The custom fortune cookies played a big role in the shower, and I was glad that I was never left to wonder when and if they would arrive. They also came two days earlier than they were supposed to! All of the guests LOVED the fortune cookies! They commented on how delicious they were over and over. They thought the idea was so fun and unique, and the fortune cookies really just added that little personal touch. The bride-to-be was thrilled when she opened the first cookie and read the fortune: "Kristen & Daniel - May 23, 2009." They really created quite the buzz! A HUGE hit.
~ Amanda A.

The fortune cookies were such a hit!! They loved the custom fortune sayings. They
laughed and smiled and were so impressed. 
Thank you!
- Sherri Wines

We ordered the fortune cookies for favors at my daughter's wedding. I was very pleased with the packaging and don't remember seeing any cookies that were broken. We thought the fortune cookies tasted delicious and loved that you could add your own personal messages. One guest commented about how she thought they were the best fortune cookies that she had ever tasted...we thought so, too! We'll recommend them to others! Thanks so much! 
~ Kathy Forehand

Thank you, Fancy Fortune Cookies for the great level of service. I couldn't have asked any more of you guys. The fortune cookies were a huge hit with our guests. We had over-ordered, however there wasn’t one fortune cookie left by the end of the evening, which speaks volumes in itself. Once again thanks for all your help and keep up the good work.

~ Jason Bunn

I placed an order for 200 custom fortune cookies that had my name, business, and business phone number printed on the fortune. I give them out at business meetings and everyone LOVES them. Using fortune cookies like this has been a huge success for me, so I thank you. I took advantage of your half price sale, which made it even better! I ordered a giant fortune cookie for my daughter for Mother's Day. I think her kids enjoyed it more than she did. I had not realized until now that you are located up the road from me in Indianapolis!! I am in Evansville, IN. I am sooooooo glad Fancy Fortune Cookies’ business is doing well.

~ Diane Masterson 

Our kids thought it was a neat idea to get a "fortune" about testing the day before End of Grade Testing. We gave what we had left to members of our staff and they loved the fortune cookies as did the 8th graders. I heard that the fortune cookies were fresh, crisp and very good. 
Anita Parker

The fortune cookies were fabulous!!! They worked very well for our event. Fancy Fortune Cookies’ level of service was superior and you were very helpful. It is always a pleasure dealing with Fancy Fortune Cookies and the service and the product are always superb.

Ann N. Paterra

The fortune cookies were a nice added treat for my daughter's 5th Birthday
Party. The guests loved them. The level of service was fantastic! Even after proofing, I
discovered an error I made on one of the fortunes. Customer service at Fancy Fortune Cookies
was so accommodating in correcting my error so quickly and without any hesitation. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the order sooner than expected! The guests loved the color ("pink fortune cookies!?") and the personalized fortunes inside. Overall I was very happy with the product and would recommend Fancy Fortune Cookies to anyone looking for a unique favor or treat at an upcoming event. There were very few fortune cookies that were broken or cracked, and the people who I dealt with were extremely pleasant and accommodating.

~ Alicia Di Cosmo

We used the fortune cookies for our daughter’s high school graduation
party. Service was excellent, fortune cookies were delicious! Guests loved them
and there was not even one left at the end. We will definitely order again. Thank you. 
~ Paula Robinson

The fortune cookies were a big hit and the PTA I belong to will most likely use them again for other events. I appreciated the prompt and outstanding service at Fancy Fortune Cookies! You guys are the best! Everyone thought the fortune cookies were delicious and different!

~ Rita M. Arnold

Private Client Group
National City, now a part of PNC

The fortune cookies were perfect for our event. We adopted a little girl from China a year ago, so the cookies were for her first "Gotcha Day" party. The best part was that we were able to customize the fortunes inside! Really awesome! The service was great - no complaints at all. The guests were mostly just shocked that the fortune cookies actually tasted good! I heard many people say that they tasted really good. Numerous people said, "I've never had a chocolate or strawberry flavored fortune cookie before!" Thank you!
- Jason Jackman

I gave fortune cookies to all teachers and staff at my daughter's school for
Teacher Appreciation Week. They worked well. I put them in cutely
decorated Chinese boxes. Your service was fabulous: quick and personal. I love the emails with confirmation and delivery times. 
~ Thanks again,

 Melissa Maurer

We used the fortune cookies during a cocktail reception that preceded an Asian-themed dinner at a yearly conference. We used the custom fortune cookies with messages inside to relate back to our product. Many people came up to me and said the fortune cookies were a clever and fun idea and that they tasted good too!
~ Mandy Davis,

I wanted to let you know that the fortune cookies were a great hit! I had them as part of my husband's surprise 40th birthday party which was held at a sushi restaurant. The guests loved opening the custom fortune cookies and seeing what I had put inside. The service of Fancy Fortune Cookies was awesome; the fortune cookies arrived in time and were delicious. Thanks for making my party extra special. It was a fun touch!

~ Anna Madlener

We used the fortune cookies at a middle school staff appreciation luncheon and they were much enjoyed! The fortune cookies arrived fresh and on time and in excellent condition and became the highlight of a week “around the world treats.”
- Janette Gilman

The fortune cookies were wonderful for my event. They were well received by my high school students (to whom they were given) and my teaching colleagues thought it was a great idea. Several have asked me "Where did you get those gourmet fortune cookies?" and I expect at least one of them to use the idea. Fancy Fortune Cookies’ service was great. I received a phone call when there were concerns about shipping; the fortune cookies arrived promptly. Awesome all the way around!
- Kristin Heimerdinger